FarmStevia is our industrial trademark for our Steviol Glycosides. It is high purity Steviol Glycosides in the whitish powder as well as crystal form.

FarmStevia is already successfully used in variety of food and beverage product by many key players of the industry, and is viable calorie free sweetener that can be used in following applications;

    All liquid applications, enhanced water
    Carbonated soft drinks, functional beverages, juices, powdered soft drinks
    Cakes, biscuits, bakery products
    Cereals, bars, chocolate
    Jams, sauces, pickels
    Puddings, desserts, ice-creams
    Chewing gums
    Confectionary products, sweet confections
    Snack, sweet-snacks
    Diabetic diets, weight control diets
    Table top sweetener for tea, coffee etc.

FarmStevia has excellent pH and temperature stability that enhances food preparation and has very unique taste profile than Reb-A.
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