Marketing & Sales statement
  1. Farmiis Agribusiness Company, is active in growing, processing and sales of selected high quality crops as commodity for food as well as superfoods or directly as processed food as well as superfoods for consumer markets or B2B markets, and its by products for industrial purpose for feed or fuel purpose to international food and agro markets.

  2. Farmiis Agribusiness Company, sources all its products mainly through its own farming, contract farming, production and/or processing in Eastern Europe, Asia or via its contracted partner companies acting as direct source of the products.

  3. Farmiis Agribusiness Company, put emphasis on to supply always high quality material in bulk at lowest possible prices, for that it ensures to be the direct source of the products. Through out the channel, Farmiis Agribusiness Company works in integrated as well as cost effective manner and strives to create economies of scale to derive positive impact of offered prices.

  4. Farmiis Agribusiness Company, makes continuous effort to fulfill the wishes of its customers and all other parties involved. In order to supply high quality material and service, Farmiis Agribusiness Company, operates in accordance with a quality management system to control and improve the quality of all activities and processes from farm field to sales.

  5. Farmiis Agribusiness Company, is responsible for the quality of its product and checks the quality continuously. The Company furthermore operates in accordance with the international quality standards.

For further information on Farmiis Agribusiness Company and its products refer to our brochures, catalogues, leaflets including other marketing materials and the website
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