Stevia Regulatory Outlook
November 2011 - European Commission published the regulation authorizing the use of Stevia in the entire EU market

April 2010 -
EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) published positive safety opinion for Stevia

January 2010 -
France raised the level of Reb-A allowed in food and beverages

September 2009 -
AFSSA (French food safety agency) gave allowance to the use of Reb-A 97 in food and beverages for individual member states for two years

December 2008 -
USA FDA (Food and Drug Administration) gave approval to the use of high quality Stevia as a sweetener in food and beverages

October 2008 -
FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand) based on 10 years of review and data approved Stevia use in food and beverages as an ingredient

June 2008 -
JECFA (Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives) FAO/WHO, raised the Acceptable Daily Intake level (ADI) for Stevia
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Likewise any other ingredients, Stevia is also subject to application of the regulatory framework. However, in many parts of the world especially countries like China, Japan, Paraguay and Uruguay Stevia have been used as sweetener for many years.

Currently Stevia has been approved and used as a food ingredient in many countries across the world.
Sequential highlight of the regulatory issues from major food market and authorities
To learn more about Stevia and Stevia regulations, please visit the European Stevia Association ( ).
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