Steviol Glycosides
Farmiis is one of the leading industrial suppliers of natural and high quality Stevia that is handled very socially as well as environmentally responsibly from its origin to the end product manufactured in our factory.

We manufacture and supply the 'Total Steviol Glycosides' of >95% purity (SG95) as wholesale product.

Our product is naturally free from any after taste and contains amusing fresh appeal as we use extraction system that successfully extracts sweetener in its natural states, which produces unique sweet, calorie free ingredient.

Being the farming company, with our own involvement in the farming and to further manufacturing through innovative technologies, we are the authentic and stable supply source of bulk volume of Steviol Glycosides.  

Due to our thorough integration across the entire channel from raising, to cultivating the crop, to process it under own simplified as well as clean technologies, we are able to offer this valuable product as an industrial ingredient at the lowest cost, superior quality and in its best pure form.
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