What is Stevia?
It offers lots of health benefits to consumers besides that it takes less farmland and other resources to derive same sweetness effect of Sugar i.e. 1acre Stevia cultivation equals ~12-15acres of Sugarcane cultivation
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Stevia is an herbal plant. Stevia leaves contains compound known as Steviol Glycosides that is responsible for sweetness in the leaves. Raw Stevia leaves are being commercially used for extracting Steviol Glycosides. It is 300-400 times sweeter than sugar when purified and refined.
Stevia: responsible and sustainable
Stevia: safe sweetener
Stevia is clinically tested and being used by humans for centuries without a problem

Stevia is safe for diabetics as it doesn't affect blood sugar level

Stevia is ideal and non addictive sweetener for children

Stevia doesn't have the neurological and renal side effects of some of the artificial sweeteners which makes Stevia the only one of its kind in sweeteners used today
Today, Steviol Glycosides are commercially used for sweetening all types of foods and beverages especially targeting health conscious consumers.
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Health as well as environment related benefits of Stevia over sugar are enormous, it offers absolutely no-calorie, no carbohydrates and low glycemic index; it can be just consumed by everybody to stay healthy, reduce overall calorie, control obesity as well as diabetes.
Above benefits offer logistic and handling advantages, reduced CO2 foot-prints, efficient use of scarce farmland and natural resources

It is one of the best alternative & substitute crop  for the farmers of developing countries

It is grown perfectly in tropical environment where cost of cultivation is marginal with massive harvest

It gives good economic returns to farmers compare to some of the regular crops done in same area