Farmiis agribusiness company, is a global agricultural farming and farm processing company.
  • We conduct large scale commercial farming and add value to farm produces.
  • We work across variety of agro climatic zones i.e. our farm productions are based in East Europe, Asia and part of Africa.
  • We operate through out the agricultural commodity value-chain.
  • We operate with key chosen crops, health crops and bulk crops to supply processed harvests to international food and ingredients markets. i.e. Stevia, Quinoa, Coriander, Sunflower, Safflower, Chick peas, Green Peas, various herbs for essential oil extraction such as Lavender, Mellisa, Yarrow etc.
With our engagement primarily in the producing and sourcing other high-quality farm products, and capabilities of processing it into creative-solutions as well as value-added products, we are committed to service the INDUSTRIAL as well as CONSUMER food market to balance the increasing global food, energy and nutrition demand.
Our purpose is 'to sustain agricultural farming globally, and utilize as well as conserve the natural resources'.

We firmly believe that there is an inadequate, imbalanced food supply and there is less & less agricultural produce available to feed the growing population, and the way agriculture is being carried out today in many parts of the world is merely inefficient, less sustainable and less sufficient.

We aim to transform the agricultural farming by bringing huge focus and making it more balanced, accessible & commercially viable whilst conserving current natural resource base and benefitting people involved.
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